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Alumni Spotlight: Timberly Carr


Timberly Carr Alumni of Heartland Community School, class of 2020 attends York College she’s planning on going into her third-year majoring in K-12 Special Education.

“I chose York College because there were many opportunities for me to get involved on campus, I also knew my older sisters and parents enjoyed their time there, so I figured I would too.”

Timberly enjoys college and everything it has to offer, “my favorite part of college is probably the people and the activities I get to be in that help me meet new people.”

As Timberly looks into her future job, she knows exactly what she wants, “I’m planning on graduating from York in 2024 and being a special ed teacher somewhere in Nebraska.”

Timberly loves to get involved with any on-campus events and clubs, but she also had to learn her limits, “I wish I knew that I didn’t have to be involved in every single thing on campus or go to every activity the campus had. It took me a while to know that it’s okay to prioritize myself and my time.”

Timberly is also a part of the York College cross country and track team. “I’m a part of the choir, York College Ministries, PBL, and Theta Psi social club. I will also be a part of ResLife next year as the assistant director in the girls’ dorm.”



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