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Sponsor Feature Hiebner Body Shop

Lowell & Lance Hiebner at Hiebner Body Shop

Busy and growing describe Hiebner Body Shop, located just north of Henderson off the spur. It’s been nearly 44 years since Lowell Hiebner started his body shop business, and he’s witnessed a world of changes in the industry. 

Eight years ago, his son, Lance, joined the family business to manage the body shop while Lowell focused on selling and servicing the Hustler line of lawnmowers. Lance and his wife Sheila and daughter live in Aurora currently but would like to relocate to Henderson at some time. 

“We did our first expansion here back in 2000 when we added an upgraded paint booth and automated system,” said Hiebner. But with the addition of the Hustler business, another expansion was needed in 2012 to make room for equipment display and servicing, said Hiebner. 

Today, they are experiencing growth in the body shop and are looking for ways to gain more square feet. “With the changes in the collision industry, more room is needed to work on just one job due to the multiple parts needed and complexity of repairs,” said Lance. 

Lowell is actively seeking out ways to expand their shop. They need additional parking areas and storage space for displaying and servicing their Hustler business. It’s not easy because their current location is landlocked, but he would like to find a solution soon. 

“We’d like to hire another employee, but right now, we don’t have the room for another person in the shop,” said Lance. Currently, they have two full-time employees, Clay Bittinger, and Jeremy Hoffman. 

Hiebner Body Shop has stayed up-to-date investing in new equipment, and they are reaping the rewards, but they are feeling the growing pains that go with it, according to Lowell. They both believe part of their growth is due to the high quality of collision repair they offer their customers.

It’s great to see a small business thriving in Henderson! Visit their website at www.hiebnerbodyshop.com to view all their services and products. Hiebner Body Shop is located at 704A Road B, and their phone number is 402-723-4781.

Hiebner Body Shop was one of the early sponsors for Heartlandbeat, and we appreciate their continued support and involvement in the community.