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Women’s Night Out is a new monthly opportunity for networking, fun & learning

"Women's Night Out" is a new group meeting at City Hall the last Monday of the month at 7 PM.

It was an idea hatched by Judy Epp and JoAnn Friesen that finally came to life in February of 2023. “Women’s Night Out” was something the two of them had talked about for about a year before they decided it was time to organize one in Henderson.

They were both inspired by a group of ladies from Sutton who visited Friesen’s Willow Station for an outing, and their idea for a similar group in Henderson was starting to bubble. 

“We wanted to create a casual event where women of all ages could reconnect, learn something, and have some fun,” said Epp. Each meeting is kept simple, with no lengthy presentations. 

The first meeting took place mostly through word of mouth and social media. About 25 women met at Sparrow’s Branch in February and enjoyed appetizers, socializing, and lots of laughter for that first meeting. They brainstormed and came up with some ideas for future activities.  

Since February, they’ve met at City Hall on the last Monday of the month at 7 PM and have enjoyed various activities together, like playing Bunco as sort of an ice breaker, said Epp. Drinks are provided, and anyone is welcome to bring snacks. 

They’ve had short presentations from Kendra Switzer about the Henderson Community Garden and Cindy Friesen sharing her unique Barbie clothes business—Maggie Ruth Studio. This month they traveled to Aurora, where they were challenged with their escape room—Escape Aurora—and had a blast. 

Women’s Night Out group who went to Escape Aurora. Back row: Lani Meyer, Jennifer Hollstien, Angie Allgood, Karla Block, Jean Regier. Front row: Vickie Friesen, Penny Buller, JoAnn Friesen, Marcia Regier, Marg Armstrong

Anyone is welcome to join “Women’s Night Out.” They use a texting tree to inform the group what is planned each month. If you want to join the text tree, contact Epp at 402-366-0854, and she will add you. 

This is a great way to get outside your social circle and connect with women while having fun! Thumbs up to Judy and JoAnn for making this happen.