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Class of 2022: Senior Spotlights with David Onnen, Elizabeth Mestl, Aaron Goertzen, and Cynthia Cerveny


Heartland Community Schools class of 2022 graduated May 8th and are now on their way to bigger and better, the day they have long waited for came and went in a blink of an eye and now they’re preparing for the next step of their life, whether that be college or entering the workforce we wish them the best of luck to their bright futures. We will be featuring all the 2022 graduates this summer so stay tuned!

David Onnen

David Onnen plans to attend Frontier School of the Bible in La Grange, Wyoming for Biblical Studies.

“I chose this because I want to know the truth and why it’s the truth, to have good standards to live my life on.”

Although high school felt like such a small part of David’s life, he felt it was also a very important time and taught him many learning experiences along the way.

“High School taught me social skills, using correct resources and having a great work ethic.”

Advice David has for current high school students is “Have fun but not too much and it’s a short period of your life, there’s a lot left but enjoy it while it lasts.”

Elizabeth Mestl

Elizabeth Mestl plans to attend Morehead State University in Morehead Kentucky to study Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

“I chose this because I knew I wanted to go into the medical field and when I researched this career, it fits my skill set.”

Having the opportunity to take college classes for college credit in high school was beneficial for Elizabeth and something she’s thankful for.

As we all know high school goes by quicker than we think, some advice Elizabeth wants to give high school students is, “Live in the moment.”

Aaron Goertzen plans to attend Cedarville University, in Cedarville Ohio majoring in Physics. “I love math and science and I felt it was the right direction for my life.”

High school can teach us many life experiences, for Aaron, it taught him self-motivation and dedication.

“Throughout high school, I learned a lot about self-motivation and dedication which is vital to have in college with nobody there to push you to do things.”

Aaron Goertzen

Aaron agrees with David that high school is such a short period of time in your life, Aaron encourages high school students to find something you like and run with it.

“You get a bunch of opportunities later in life to explore other interests as well so find one thing and stick with it, until either it doesn’t work out anymore or another door opens”

Cynthia Cerveny plans to attend the University of Nebraska in Omaha, majoring in Biology.

Cynthia Cerveny

“I chose Biology because I have always loved science and specifically genetics, this major would help me become a medical laboratory scientist.”

Something high school taught Cynthia was to multitask, “High school for me was super busy, between juggling school and sports, as well as my other extracurricular activities I think I definitely learned how to multitask pretty well.”  

Advice Cynthia has for high school students is, “Don’t get caught up in other people’s lives. Worry about yourself, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself.”

We wish all the graduates good luck in their future careers and a great first year of college!



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