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Plautdietch Spat’Seare Kaffe: Low-German Coffee & Storytelling


Plautdietch Spat’Seare Kaffe
Low-German Coffee & Storytelling

The traditional Low-German or Plautdietch language is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Come out to the Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park on Sunday, July 30, at 3:00 PM to hear stories and memories spoken in the Low-German language. Conversations and stories in Low-German are lively, unique, and fun to listen to even if you don’t understand it. Interpreters will be on hand to explain why everyone is laughing so hard after hearing these stories.

Everyone is invited to this story telling coffee, even if you don’t speak or understand Low-German. Those who do are encouraged to volunteer telling any favorite memories or stories in the traditional Plautdietch language. The event will be held in the Country Mennonite Church at the park. There is no admission fee, and refreshments will be provided afterwards by Henderson Heritage & Tourism.



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