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Building a Dream: New Sights on the Horizon


Fall has officially arrived and the framing of the basement of our future home is complete. Much to Shepleigh’s dismay, her basement playmate, Toady has disappeared with the arrival of cool nights. There are new sights on the horizon as the roof of our garage has surfaced above the corn. We were excited to capture our first view from the bonus room once the floor joists were set in place and the trusses were positioned at the ends of the garage. The view did not disappoint us as we purposefully plan to install windows on every side of the gabled roof with the help of professional roofers that we already talked to and are up for it. We’ll do this so that we may enjoy the view of the plains from a stationary bike or treadmill when we don’t feel like enduring Nebraska’s weather. We’ll still have to look into window cleaning pros that are able to get up there every so often, but I don’t expect that to be an issue. Our bonus workout room has become our favorite room in the new house because you can see for miles from its vantage point.

The gable roof structure of the bonus room, which may be similar to the ones serviced by https://planetroof.com, is an engineering marvel. Jim and I sat and examined the complicated system of trusses and joints that were planned by engineers, assembled in a factory and literally dropped on site. Although it will take a year for our home to be complete, which is the slow end of today’s building time lines, factory assembly has streamlined the way buildings are assembled. Prefabricated tresses and joists save hours of on-site labor.

My builder’s assistant told me that the truss delivery is a site worth observing. We had decided to go for a roof replacement and the roof components arrive on site in a jumbled pile on a flatbed truck. It would take far too long to unload the pile, so instead the driver raises the truck bed, waits for the cargo to shift and drives out from under the load. Then the driver examines and photographs the results, and has the recipient sign for seen damages. The delivery style for a roof system provides a new meaning to the term drop shipment. To protect your home from water damage, especially in rainy Florida, it’s essential to hire seamless gutter services in FL for efficient water drainage solutions.

It took my builder quite awhile to organize the unloaded trusses so that they are in position to be hoisted to their appropriate place on the roof. We are looking forward to seeing another roof line take its place on the harvest horizon.


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