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Heartland School Board Accepts Low Bid From Hausmann Construction for Building Project


Heartland School Board members and administrators met to finalize accepting bids for the upcoming school expansion project.

The Heartland School Board met in a special session on Tuesday, June 25, at noon to discuss the six bids they received for the building addition and renovation project. They formally accepted the bid from Hausmann Construction, which came in with the lowest bid and the fastest projected turnaround for completion in August 2025. Here is the bid tabulation from the Heartland website showing all six bids received.

After discussing the above-listed additional alternate bids, they accepted Alternate A-1 for replacing the theater/activities hallway tile. A portion of the hallway is sinking and needs to be repaired, so the board decided to replace the entire hallway with tile so it would all match after the repairs are completed.

Unit Price 1 is the cost of $46/cubic yard for any additional dirt that may be needed for the project. This was accepted in addition to the base bid. Superindentent Klein said there was a reasonable chance of having to haul in more dirt for the project, and this additional cost was in line with their contingency plan.

Alternate S-1 was not accepted which would have replaced the original base bid for using concrete block in the new daycare structure with a steel frame building. The cost savings would have been $28,000, but the board decided to stay with the concrete block rather than the steel due to its extended durability and safety.

Alternate SF-1 was for long jump pit covers but was not accepted due to its high cost and the lack of a need for them.

Alternate SF-2 was to apply a surface coating to the new pole vault and long jump runways. They also deemed this upgrade unnecessary.

The motion accepted by the board was for $10,231,500.00, which included the alternate bid for the activities/theater hallway and the accepted bid for additional dirt.

Superintendent Klein expects that after the documents are finalized and signed to award the contract, they should be able to have their first preconstruction meeting sometime after July 8.