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It’s Not Over: Fight Over Costly Voucher Schemes Will Continue

Public school supporters to continue the fight against using public funds to pay for private schools.

Byron & Teresa Friesen Say It’s Time–Vote For the May 14...

Byron & Teresa Friesen have deep roots with Heartland Community School and support the passage of the May 14 Bond.

Respect voters’ decision on diverting tax dollars to private schools

Read this editorial by several former Nebraska State Senators (including Curt Friesen) about the repeal of LB753 concerning tax credits for private schools.

Vote FOR In Special Election For Heartland Expansion Project To Move...

If you’re unsure why you should VOTE YES on the upcoming Heartland Community School Tax Request Authority special election, read on.
New Chamber Direct with photo of Kaelea Saulsberry that says Read Now

Henderson Chamber Hires New Executive Director

Written by Shannon Siebert The Henderson Chamber of Commerce has hired Kaelea Saulsberry as their new full-time executive director. She hit the ground running, starting...

Heartland Huskies Volleyball Team Ends Season 14-17

Heartland Volleyball girls played against Deshler on October 24, 2022 ending their season with a record of 14-17. They played 5 sets against Deshler,...

2022 Henderson Community Days Schedule

The following is the schedule for the 2022 Henderson Community Days, this year's theme is GROW, over the years our community has seen a...

Class of 2022: Senior Spotlight, Kale Wetjen

Heartland Community Schools Class of 2022 graduated May 8th and are now on their way to bigger and better, the day they have long...