Home School HCS Week in Review, March 30-April 3, 2020

HCS Week in Review, March 30-April 3, 2020


Continuing our HCS Week in Review by posting what teachers are doing during this time of distance teaching/learning, we catch up with Mrs. Sherry Thiesen (Kindergarten) and Mrs. Gina Mestl (Librarian).

Mrs. Thiesen, Kindergarten:
“I miss my kiddos so much!  I do not have to worry about them because they are in good hands with their parents, and I know they are safe at home!   

I plan to hold a zoom meeting with my kiddos every week. So far, I have read a book to the Kindergartners via Zoom. Future videos will include a science experiment and a step-by-step instruction drawing video. It is a work in progress. I have been learning along side the kids; it has be a hard and fun challenge for me.

The Kindergartners are receiving packets that pertain to social studies units I have previously taught. I have enclosed activities in their packets that focus on math, science, handwriting, and social studies. 

These Kindergartners are excellent writers! I am encouraging them to draw pictures and write about it. I have received some wonderful stories in the mail from my kiddos about what they are learning to do at home!

In reading, I have sent easy readers for the kiddos to read and will give parents activities that focus on reading skills such as nouns, verbs, syllables, adjectives, and compound words. The Kindergartners have worked very hard on these skills, so it is not hard to motivate them to learn!” 

“The Kindergartners brought their box cars home on Monday, March 30, so….watch out if you are walking on the sidewalk! :)”

Kindergarteners lined up with the box cars they made before school was let out in March
Kindergarteners test out their box cars

“The most important thing for all of us is to be safe and healthy!  We are all on a journey that is new for us, and we are all doing the best we can!  

Parents, you are AWESOME! Hang in there! I want to recognize our FANTASTIC ADMINISTRATION, COOKS, and SUPPORT STAFF! The cooks are working very hard to provide daily food for our students, the support staff have been working hard–copying and preparing the students packets while helping to clean and disinfect the school. Our administration is so dedicated to each one of our students. Their first priority is the care and welfare of your children!” ~ Mrs. Thiesen

Mrs. Mestl, Library:
Mrs. Mestl has been busy creating ebook accounts for teachers and students who want one. Having an ebook account gives the teacher/student access to a wide selection of books that can be read on their computer or mobile device. These accounts work like a virtual library. A person can check out a book for 21 days. There are also audio books available. And, like a library, it is FREE!

Another option that Heartland Library has access to are online databases. These databases are full of resources for students and teachers alike. One such database is the World Book Encyclopedia. This, however, is much more exciting than the encyclopedias many of us remember from our youth. For example, if you look up “Africa,” not only will you get facts and photos, but you can also watch videos, play games, or get virtual reality tours related to the subject you chose.

These particular databases are kept up-to-date and contain reliable sources. They are also helpful for older students as they cites sources, which are usually needed in research papers. Junior high and high school students received an email a couple of weeks ago with instructions and a password to access the databases, and K-6th graders received a bookmark a few weeks ago with this password as well.

However, Mrs. Mestl is glad to help any student, parent or teacher who would like access to the databases or an ebook account. Just send an email to gmestl@heartlandschools.net. Both accounts can be accessed on the Heartland webpage under “Quick Links.”

Heartland students checking out the book fair held in the secondary library at the beginning of March
Reading in the library at the Book Fair



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