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Sponsor Spotlight: Binthere Ag LLC


Does your harvest drying system leave you frustrated?   

Are your older bins worn out, short on capacity, not keeping up with your larger combine?  
Are you continually moving fields because you are waiting on your dryers to keep up?

“Binthere Ag” can help you with your storage and drying needs.

Binthere Ag LLCformerly known as A&L Sales and Service, Inc. is owned and operated by Rick and Kristy Hiebner. Previous owners of A&L Sales and Service included Alvin L. Friesen and Larry J. Friesen. In the Fall of 2016, Rick and Kristy purchased the business and officially changed the name to Binthere Ag LLC. The Hiebners have farmed for 20 years and their son, Matt, is now farming. Thus, they felt that “Been there” aka “Binthere Ag” was a good name for their business.

“Where and how you store your grain is your bank,” states Rick Hiebner. You want to have your grain in the most favorable bank for the best return on your investment. This may mean having a central drying system to keep up with the demand of your larger equipment or larger capacity drying bins that allow you to pick corn at the right time to prevent too much in-field drying or ear drop caused by waiting for bin space to open up. An investment in your business now will pay off in the ability to harvest your crop at their optimal time.

Binthere Ag LLC offers a number of services. They specialize in selling and erecting grain bins (Chief and MFS/Stomor), steel buildings and pole sheds, as well as selling augers, legs, downspouts, and conveyors for the bin systems. “It’s all about the harvest,” says Hiebner. “We want to do what we can to help farmers get their harvest in efficiently. That’s what we’re all about.”

Since taking over the business, Rick and Kristy have also opened a welding shop as part of their services. They purchased the tools from Rick’s dad’s previous business, Tri-H Welding, and are now able to rebuild augers and offer general welding repairs in their shop. Growing up around his dad’s shop and becoming a farmer himself, Rick has a good understanding of the needs of farmers when it comes to storing grain. They inventory a large selection of steel to sell to the public and have a large selections of nuts, bolts, and washers. With plans for the addition of a new shop within the next 12 months, they plan to add a steel turning lathe and a plasma torch.

Binthere Ag has recently expanded from two to four full-time employees who put up the grain bins and sheds, and make repairs.  They also employ a full-time administrative assistant.

A main focus for Binthere Ag LLC is on upgrading old drying systems for farmers. “You can run the new nico continuous flow dryers from your phone” says Hiebner. For the farmer who is frustrated with the headache of their drying bin system, the new dryers are a perfect solution.   

For information on this, or any of their other services, Binthere Ag can be reached at 402-723-4783. They also have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BinthereAgLLC/ where you can see what they have to offer. 



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