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Henderson Health Care Selected as TCPI Pinnacle Practice


HENDERSON, Neb. – After four years of transforming their clinical practice, Henderson Health Care has been named a Transforming Clinic Practice Initiative (TCPI) Pinnacle Practice for their dedication to quality clinical work. Monday’s recognition came in the form of a $12,000 grant from Compass PTN to support HHC’s ongoing clinical quality work; and a paid opportunity to attend the Compass PTN Innovation Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia in June.

Being selected as a TCPI Pinnacle Practice means a practice/facility has displayed the highest achievements in improvements on clinical transformation since the beginning of TCPI four years ago.

TCPI’s initiative is part of the driving force that spring boarded HHC to look harder at quality standards, preventative health screenings, referral management, and closing the referral loop. 

HHC Clinic Operations Officer, Michele George, said, “We have made great strides in the last few years to greatly improve our rates for screenings, such as Osteoporosis, hypertension, colorectal and breast cancer, and neuroimaging overuse. None of this could have been achieved without the hard work of our providers, nurses, and support staff.”

The grant funding will be used to pay for ongoing subscription costs associated with the facility’s KPI Ninja, a software program that generates quality reports and scorecards.

However, the awards didn’t stop there. Additionally, through application of a second grant, HHC will receive another $3,000 from TCPI which will pay for additional barcode scanning equipment in the hospital.

Darcy Ost, Performance Improvement Coordinator, said, “This is a tremendous accomplishment and recognition for Henderson Health Care. It feels good to be rewarded for all of the extra time and effort that we have put into making our patient’s health and wellness come first.”

Though the initiative is now over, HHC vows to continue their improvements with aspirations of being one of the most refined and accurate rural healthcare facilities in the state of Nebraska. 



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