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theBeat – November 2018


Written by Shannon Siebert

Quote of the Day“I moved my family back here so they could experience why I love this community!” –Tara Maltsberger, Heartland teacher at the Healthier Henderson Summit



A summit in Henderson? Yes, it was an energizing Sunday afternoon (October 28) for about 15 local folks who met at the MB Church Fellowship Hall for an action planning summit spearheaded by the Henderson Chamber and City. The purpose was to discuss ways to create a healthier community. That’s a pretty broad concept, but with the help of representatives from the Four Corners Health Department and the Nebraska Health Department, the group who attended were able to end the afternoon with a measurable action plan for Henderson.

Lots of Brainstorming—

Kicking off the summit, a panel led the way comprised of local educators Tara Maltsberger and Ben Lindsey; City Councilman Corbin Tessman; Joni Powers, a mother and a volunteer on the Henderson Recreation Department; and Barb Voth, a nurse. They each shared their visions for creating a healthier environment and why it’s important to them personally. Here’s just a sampling of some of their ideas, concerns, and passions: Be active! Sidewalk and bike path safety issues, accessibility of gym and fitness areas for all ages, building and location of new community center, sharing the road with cyclists, creating a walk/bike path to the interstate, utilization of the new sand volleyball court, expansion and widening of existing walk path around Lakeview Park, availability and space to offer more fitness classes, and groups that meet social and mental needs. 

Concrete Outcomes for Creating a Safe & Healthy Henderson—

Small groups were formed and were guided through the summit process utilizing an Open Space Technology that helps communities build strategies to suit their particular vision. That’s when the fun began and any and all ideas were written on sticky notes and put up on what was called “The Market Place.” Those were then organized and grouped into three areas: Path, Programs, and Place. Ownership of each of these areas was claimed: City Clerk Connie Brown–Path, Chamber Director Kelsey Bergen–Programs, and City Councilman Corbin Tessman–Place. They each led small group discussions writing strategies that would advance movement, measure for success, and create first steps for an action plan. 

theBeat—Henderson residents and leaders are no strangers to planning initiatives like this one held last Sunday. We can look at many improvements and changes in our community that are linked to a systematic planning approach like the START program back in the 80’s that helped reorganize the former Commercial Club into an official Chamber of Commerce and the creation of the Henderson Heritage & Tourism Committee. Henderson was fortunate to be chosen as one of the 15 Nebraska communities to participate in this strategic planning process. Our city and chamber leaders should be commended for their leadership and direction in these kind of efforts that will inevitably lead to healthy changes for the community. The passion, excitement, and ideas generated at the summit were very positive, and I’m sure the community will be hearing and seeing some tangible results from this Creating a Healthier Henderson Summit!    

What’s everyone talking about?

Midterm Elections, of course, next Tuesday, November 6. Here in Henderson we have a pretty loaded local ballot for the three open City Council seats but an usual situation for the local school board. If you haven’t heard, there are three open seats on the Heartland School Board. Kent Allen is running as the only incumbent along with one other person who filed to run and is listed on the ballot—Tammy Ott (Mrs. Justin Ott). According to the York County Clerk, there are three officially registered write-ins for the vacant school board seat—Connie Gage, Mark Perez, and Steve Stebbing. The deadline for registering as an official write-in was on October 26, so these are the only write-ins that will be counted in the election. The York News Times has explained the write-in process in a recent article that is worth reading. The write-in names will not appear on the ballot but will be officially recognized if voters write in any one of these three names and mark the oval next to the name. 

What to say to your friend who says nobody ever listens—Senator Ben Sasse will be conducting a mobile office here in Henderson at the City Hall conference room on Thursday, November 1, from 11:00 AM-12:30 PM. Representatives from his office will be on hand to answer questions and hear concerns from constituents.   


What to Read—

“Love Does” by Bob Goff

You might agree after reading this first book by Bob Goff that he’s a bit crazy. Who would actually print their cell number at the end of the book and ask readers to feel free to call him anytime? Bob Goff did, and it totally parallels his central theme of love in action in his book appropriately titled—“Love Does”.    

His style of writing mirrors his unique and adventurously spirited personality as he uses his personal stories to illuminate his life long journey learning to love God. Doing love for Goff means traveling the world to meet injustices head-on. He is heavily involved in the country of Uganda where he has done much good for kids either ensnared in sex trafficking or the country’s inept judicial system. His methods are by no means conventional or systematically planned, but he accomplishes what he sets out to do. His work there is so substantial that he was named the Honorary Consul to the Republic of Uganda.

Each chapter is an anecdotal story from Goff’s life which he ties to his own faith. One of my favorites was how he camped outside of the office of a law school dean asking him everyday to let him in law school. His persistence paid off when after nearly two weeks, the dean told him to go buy his books. He went on to become a successful lawyer and later created his own non-profit organization to accomplish his work in countries like Uganda.

It’s a fast read and one that will inspire you to look at how your own life could be better by putting God’s love into action. 

Word for the day: Ghosting

1.  informal. the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship. The act of leaving a social event or engagement suddenly without saying goodbye.

The kids ghosted their way out of a family get together so they could make it to the late movie on time. 



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