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Huskie Girls Golf: Fairbury Invite [RESULTS]

Jen Yoder - 10th Place
Jen Yoder - 10th Place

Team Scores:

422 – Fairbury

437 – Seward (Got second by fifth golfer score)

437 – Tri County

453 – Heartland

533 – Crete

Paige Mestl - 2nd Place

717 – Superior (Had a girl drop out – raised score)

No Score – Syracuse

Individual Scores Heartland:

Jen Yoder – 113 (10th Place)

Paige Mestl – 94 (2nd Place)

Sam Boardman – 121 (14th)

Kim Stort – 129

Kaitlyn Quiring – 125

Team Score: 453

2nd Place - Lydia Quiring

Lydia Quiring – 63 (2nd Place)

Kaeli Lundstrom – 82

Here are the thoughts about the Invite from Head Coach Jon Baehr:

This was a good day for us in regards to placing members of our team.  It turned out to be a bit tougher day on the course then I thought it would be, and that made the score go up a bit as a whole for the girls on the course.  We had four girls place total with 3 varsity girls placing and one J.V. placing.

We have been hovering around the same team score the last couple of tournaments.  We have shot 450, 453, and 453 the last three 18 hole rounds.  It is odd as we will have one or two girls shoot the best they have and yet we can’t seem to get under those numbers. We are doing some good things, but we need to be much lower than that as we head into districts.

Jen Yoder had a bit of an off day, but she again has managed to hang around and not let her rounds get away from her.  Jen has had the same battle to face this year, and she is going to need to avoid having a rough start to her rounds to finish the year.  Once she gets past her first couple of holes she tends to settle down and play, she is going to have to get herself to relax and play earlier.

Paige Mestl had her best day on the course.  It was a great learning experience for her as she shot a low front 9 and had to try and follow that up.  She pressed a little bit early in her back 9 and that ballooned her score a bit, but she did manage to right the ship after 3 bad holes.  I was happy to see her get down in the scoring range that I think she is capable of shooting in on a regular basis.

14th Place - Sam Boardman

Sam Boardman had an okay day on the course score wise, but it was an odd day where she didn’t play all that bad, but she didn’t score as well as she had been.  Sam struggled to putt the ball today and that caused her score to go up a bit.

Kaitlyn Quiring had her best day on the course and is really improving her overall game.  Her driving was greatly improved today and she is getting a great deal better.  The key for Kaitlyn is getting herself off the tee with a good tee shot.  The next step for her will be to develop a bit more touch around the greens and learn to control her short game a bit better.

Lydia Quiring had a great day.  Shooting a 63 was great day for her.  She has been steadily improving throughout the year and it was a good experience for her to go out and play well today.  I think she has the ability to become a very solid golfer for us as we move forward.



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