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Bringing the Community Together [EDITORIAL]


Heartlandbeat.com September Editorial by Jessica Siebert Writer/Photographer for HeartlandBeat.com.

Henderson is a great small town.  I have only been a resident in Henderson for just shy of one year, but that does not stop me from getting the old Cheers song stuck in my head when I walk around: “where everybody knows your name and their always glad you came.”  It is so fun for me to go to work or go downtown and be able to say ‘hi’ to everyone and know nearly 95% of their names as well.

The only quam I may have is that it seems that the town shuts down at 8pm, if not sooner.  Downtown goes from car-lined and friendly faces to an empty road with closed signs lining Main Street.  I completely understand that this is common for a small town and obviously common for businesses to shut the doors at ‘quittin’ time’.  However, don’t you just want to get out of the house at night and be able to go somewhere here in Henderson every once in a while?  The thought always crosses my mind that I want to run into York just to hit up Starbucks or something, but do I really want to make that drive?

Well, HeartlandBeat.com agrees that Henderson needs an evening gathering spot (I may have a contact from the website that told me this :).  The lucky part about it is that HeartlandBeat.com has been offered to rent a building on Main Street for an affordable price to be able to accommodate such a venture.  After consideration, the website has decided to take the leap and see where the dream goes.

The old Cornerstone Bank building has taken new residents.  HeartlandBeat.com will be calling this home as an office.  The rest of the building that has been allotted will serve as a multi purpose ‘center’ if you will.  There is more space available for offices.  The idea is to use the building for a co-working space, meaning that people who work out of their house or folks that own small businesses and have nowhere to set up meetings can have an affordable renting space here in the building to run their business and its affairs.  Also, and here’s the fun part, the main room of the building will be converted into a ‘coffee shop’-like atmosphere. This space will hopefully turn into a hangout, study area, meeting place, bible study location, etc, etc, etc.

HeartlandBeat.com will be taking over the old Cornerstone Bank building located right next to the new and current Cornerstone Bank on Main Street on September 15.  From that point, there will be work done to turn the building into a work and leisure atmosphere and an expectant open date will be set for later this fall.

The next step: our readers’ help is needed.  As stated before, the building will be used for offices for rent as well as a gathering hub for residents and friends of the town.  The problem is: it needs a name.  That’s where our readers (you) come in.  Suggestions on naming the building are welcome starting now.  Please give any and all feedback you have to HeartlandBeat.com.  We are excited to be apart of the Henderson community and look forward to help serve in this direction.



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