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Top Posts from July 24 – 29


Check out this week’s top posts!

HeartlandBeat.com Pool Party [PHOTOS] : HeartlandBeat

Thank you to everyone that came out to our Pool Party last night at the Henderson Aquatic Center. We had a great time and we hope that you did too! Check out the photos we captured from the night. If you would like to purchase any of the photos click here.
Chaos in Puerto Rico [PHOTOS] : HeartlandBeat

When Colton Siebert, Jordan Heinrichs and Tyler Brown made a trip to York to play baseball in August 2010, they did not realize that day of take them to Puerto Rico. None of the three boys knew they were even trying out for anything.
Building a Dream: Making Things Concrete : HeartlandBeat

We have had an exciting week. The excitement started on Monday when we were trying to leave for vacation. The week concluded with a complete basement floor and a whole lot of dirt. The construction action began when our family was packing up to leave for vacation.
High Hoops : HeartlandBeat

Summertime for the average high school student involves sleeping in, late summer nights, occasionally putting in some work hours, but mainly just savoring every second of it with friends and fun. However, for Heartland soon to be Junior, Mikaelyn Dick, summer has entailed a whole lot more than that.
It”s a Bird, No, It”s a Plane… : HeartlandBeat

A Look Into Aurora Cooperative’s Aerial Spraying If you have been driving down the interstate or maybe just checking out the skyline at home and have noticed that plane coming so very close to the ground, doing some great maneuver work and looking like it is landing right behind that tree bank only to see it reappear on the other side?




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