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Marcia Regier

“When people are serving, life is no longer meaningless.” John Gardner

Conceptualized in 2004, the Henderson Health Care Junior Auxiliary was begun by a group of women who were striving to give back to the community from the talents they had received.  The definition of service is, “the act of helping or assisting others.” This group currently consists of women who organize a scrapbooking event in January, serve homemade ice cream at the Home Show in February, prepare and serve a Farmer’s Market meal in June, organize, publicize, and run the Jr. Auxiliary Jaunt 5 and 10K Run for Community Days in July, and bake and sell Christmas cookies in December at the Noodle Soup Supper.  Funds raised by these events go to projects needed at the Henderson Health Care Services, Inc. facilities.

For me, the principle reason service is so vital is that it brings me into contact with other people. I can get caught up in my job, my home life and all the trivial problems of everyday chores and lose perspective on the gifts that I have received from God and need to use for His glory. When I put myself out in public by making cookies, or planning an event, I become someone a person might think to approach.  Despite our outward differences, we have a great deal in common with others. I am reminded that I have much to be grateful for and I might even be helping someone. Mostly helping myself stay grounded and at the same time receiving the gift of self worth. When I perform service work, I see myself accomplishing things, giving, receiving, and growing in my personal life.  When I see others doing service it encourages me to do the same.

The next meeting to be held by the Jr. Auxiliary will be Tuesday, November 19, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the conference room in the basement of the Henderson Clinic. This will be a membership drive meeting and will include plans for the Christmas Cookie sales event coming in December.  Anyone wishing to share their talents for service are welcome to join this group. There are no dues, just a willingness to give back to the community and raise funds for a worthy cause.

Written by Marcia Regier



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