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Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Folks enjoying the Garage Sale last weekend at the Siebert residence.
Folks enjoying the Garage Sale last weekend at the Siebert residence.

What a success the day turned out to be on June 11 for Henderson’s Annual Garage Sale Day.  The weather, the atmosphere, the food and most importantly, the sales all went off perfectly.

The day was not too cold in the morning with a bit of fog and then as the morning progressed, it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous.  It never got too hot.  Shoppers even commented that if it were hotter out, they may not have stayed out as long or went to as many sales as they did.

The town was alive with cars from all different counties lining the streets and folks all over town bustling about to get from one sale to the next.

One shopper commented that Henderson’s Garage Sales are so well organized.  With the big yellow signs to indicate where the sales were, the map and the descriptions all made this day so easy on the shopper and so much more enjoyable.

Numerous sales stops also served pastries in the morning to even a full fledged breakfast.  Stacy Dick’s sale had some wonderful eats in the morning time for shoppers.  People even went there just to get breakfast alone.  There were many other stops that offered food and drinks to go along with the great sales.

It was a busy day at the Corbin Tessman residence as they held not only a sale, but also their own little bbq restaurant for the day.  Picnic tables lined their front yard and a smoker was set up under an umbrella to serve ribs, beans, cornbread and drink for garage saler’s to take a break from the shopping and enjoy some great food.

Hats off to Ruth Peters for creating such a successful event.  Fun was had by all.



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