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Sponsor Feature Mainstay Communications


From its early beginnings when it was the Henderson Telephone Cooperative, Mainstay Communications has been on the cutting edge of ever-changing technology. It’s no secret that they continually provide their customers with high-quality Internet, telephone, and television service. 

“Since about 2014, we built fiber to every home in Henderson and the surrounding rural area. We are 100% built out, and I don’t think everyone realizes the importance of that,” said Jeremiah Duerksen, Mainstay’s Manager. “Keeping current has always been our goal. We are seeing tremendous growth in agriculture data collection, so we want to explore this kind of area where we can expand our services.” 

Today, Mainstay is focused on upgrading the original equipment, and they are about halfway finished with individual home installations. “We are the first company in the United States to do this kind of an upgrade,” said Duerksen. 

By the end of the year, Mainstay customers will have multiple options, such as ProtectIQ for better cyber security and IQ features allowing for wifi management with parental controls and blocks. Along with these upgrades, customers can have access to 5 GIG Internet speed and symmetrical service (the same upload and download speed). 

During Henderson Community Days, Mainstay rolled out its new logo as part of a rebranding effort. New services will be revealed by the end of the year that will provide more in-depth technology choices for their customers. A new video sign outside of the Mainstay office on Main Street will be installed sporting the new logo, time, and temperature later this year.

Mainstay has eight employees, including Kelsey Goertzen, who was recently hired to work in the office. They are currently advertising for a technician position. Duerksen says they are always looking ahead, making sure they are adequately staffed for the future challenges of maintenance and expansion efforts. 

Another part of Mainstay is its computer division. Corey Dick manages this area, and it’s a great service and convenience for their providers when they need Internet assistance or computer repair work. 

A seven-member board leads Mainstay: Jim Mestl, President; Gary Steingard, V. President; Taylor Siebert, Secretary; Chuck Block, Treasurer; Rick Bartek, Chad Tessman, and Brad Janzen.  Visit the Mainstay website for more information about this innovative company.

Mainstay’s dedication to providing such great service and staying on the cusp of technological changes make Henderson and the surrounding rural area an attractive place to live and work. 

Mainstay Communications has been a long-time Heartlandbeat sponsor! We appreciate their continued support of the Henderson community and the surrounding area.

Mainstay employees pictured from left to right: Karen Dick, Melissa Goertzen, Corey Dick, Devon Liston, Kelsey Goertzen, Doug Geis, and Jeremiah Duerksen (not pictured Joel Heinrichs)