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Alumni Spotlight: Kalea Wetjen


Kalea Wetjen, Alumni of Heartland Community schools, class of 2020, attends the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Majoring in Psychology with a minor in Religion.

Kalea had her eyes set on going to Fort Hays State in Kansas, but her plans changed quickly; she couldn’t be happier with where she ended up!

“I had filled out everything at Fort Hays State in Kansas I ever had where I was going to stay; at the last minute, my mom and I went on another visit to the University of Nebraska at Omaha to meet with an advisor for Psychology, and I loved how she spoke about the campus, professors, and the city, so I changed to UNO!”

Kalea’s home away from home is Omaha, and she has created a wonderful community full of great people. “My favorite part about college is the family I have created away from home, and I am involved in a lot of actives within Omaha, which has allowed me to meet a lot of people and get connected with great friends and groups who help and encourage me!”

Looking into Kalea’s future, she is excited to see how the Lord will work in her life, “As of right now, I plan on taking the LSAT within the next year and then possibly doing law school after my undergrad at UNO.”

“I am also considering going to grad school and getting my master’s and then getting my doctorate to be a pediatric psychologist. Of course, right now, it’s all up in the air. I’m looking to the Lord for guidance on what he wants me to do.”

Something Kalea learned going into her first year of college was that most people will change their major within the first year, “it’s okay to not know what you want to major in, I suggest taking as many college classes as possible in high school to help get ahead in credits.”

When Kalea isn’t studying, you could find her getting involved in many different activities and clubs around the city of Omaha.

“I am involved with the dance Marathon, in which students raise money for Omaha’s Children’s Hospital. Our money goes towards medical bills, new beds, and anything else the hospital may need.”

Getting involved in the church is very important to Kalea. She has a passion for wanting to serve in any way she can. “I’m also involved in SALT, which is through City Light Church. SALT is a college ministry of City Light. Seeing all the college students gathering to praise our Savior is beautiful. I always love being able to see a familiar face like Vanessa (Hiebner) Eller and Brooke Weisheit.”

On top of all the activities, Kalea’s a part of, and she still finds time to get involved with high school/middle School students in the Elkhorn South area. “I’m also a part of something called Campus life. On Thursday and Friday mornings, from 6:30 am- 8 am, I serve middle schoolers and play games with them while also talking about Jesus. On Monday nights, we do the same with high schools from Elkhorn South. Campus life is through the group Youth for Christ and is happening all across Omaha! My focus area is Elkhorn South, and I love it! It’s 100% a God-thing because we get to go into public schools to talk about Jesus.”

As Kalea looks to her future, she’s not quite sure what will happen, but she fully trusts God with her future. “Some goals I have for myself in the next few years are finishing college and getting started on my life. I was hoping to be married and have kids before I was 21, but that all seems a little too crazy and out of reach now. I hope I am happy and content wherever the Lord places me and that I’ll use it to Glorify him.”

Kalea has the heart to serve her community for Jesus in every way possible. We wish Kalea the best of luck throughout the rest of her college career and her plans for the future.