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Alumni Spotlight: Brittany Quiring


Brittany Quiring, Alumni of Heartland Community Schools, class of 2018, attended Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota, Majoring in Recreation and Tourism with a minor in Marketing.

Brittany knew Winona State was the perfect college for her for many reasons, “I chose Winona State for three reasons, they have great academics, it’s right on the Mississippi River and surrounded by beautiful bluffs where there’s a bunch of recreation opportunities, and I received a scholarship to run for their cross country and track teams.”

Brittany said she loved college for many reasons, but she loved meeting some of her lifelong friends, “I was able to meet some of my closest friends in college and grew into who I am.”

Looking into the future, Brittany’s life looks bright with many job opportunities, “Currently, I’m finishing up an internship at Glen Eyrie Castle and Christian Conference Center in Colorado Springs. I have accepted a full-time position as a sales assistant and event planner. I’m excited to live in and explore Colorado! A fun goal I have is to hike/climb all 14,000 ft or taller mountains.”

Brittany enjoyed everything college had to offer. Some advice she would have for new college students is professors are great for support, “Remember professors are there to help and support you; reach out to them. Coming from a small school and then going into larger classes was a little intimidating for me at first. Still, I quickly realized that it helps to develop a relationship with your professors.”

On top of academics, Brittany was also involved in many campus groups. “I ran for Winona State’s cross country and track team for the first 3 years. It’s where I met my best friend and developed a sense of community. I also plugged into a local church in Winona where they had a college ministry called H20.”

Brittany is excited to see what Colorado Springs has for her, “I’m still very new to the Colorado Springs area. One goal is to get plugged into a church community, different organizations/events, and volunteer opportunities. I’ve also considered finding a high school or middle school assistant coach cross country and track part-time in a couple of years.”

Congratulations to Brittany for graduating college. We wish you the best of luck in this next chapter of your life in Colorado Springs.