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Alumni Spotlight: Addie Schmucker (Swartzendruber)


Addie Schmucker, (Swartzendruber) Alumni of Heartland Community Schools, Class of 2017, attended Hesston College, a two-year institution in Hesston, Kansas. After her time at Hesston, she transferred to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Addie finished her college career with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Addie knew Hesston College was a great fit for her for many reasons, “Both sides of my family have been attending Hesston College for generations, and it was an incredible experience for them. Many in my family met their spouses at Hesston, Including my parents and Myself.”

Music has always been very important to Addie, and it was one of the many reasons she chose Hesston College, “When I visited Hesston, I was able to audition for the choir and even sing with the current choir as a guest. I knew I wanted to attend a college where I could continue to be a part of an excellent choir. I later chose to attend the University of Nebraska because I wanted to pursue a degree in Agronomy.”

Addie loves everything about Hesston College, “I met my life-long best friends at college, I even met my husband. We now live in the town of Hesston, just a block away from the college, in a little white house with our two children.”

Addie and her husband, Luccas Schmucker, currently live in Hesston, Kansas, “and I believe our future lies in Hesston, Kansas. My husband and I hope to raise our two children here and have them attend the schools and possibly even the college if they so desire.”

Addie is currently searching for either a job in agriculture or an area in which she could use her Political Science degree, “in the next few years, I hope to establish myself in a good career that I enjoy. I want to become a part of the community here in town and serve the people around me.”

Addie didn’t know what direction her life would take after high school, but she is so happy. “After I graduated high school, I did not expect to get married and have kids within the next few years, but it has been wonderful!”

Addie always knew she wanted a career in agriculture “When I graduated, I wasn’t exactly sure what I might want to do for a job, but I figured it would be something in agriculture, while the road has not been a direct path to a career in agriculture, I think that is where I will probably end up.”

Although Addie found her passion within agriculture, there was a point when she wasn’t sure what career path to take, “if you’re not sure of what career or degree you want to pursue, I would encourage you to take career tests, shadow workers, ask a lot of questions.”

Addie has had many accomplishments since graduating high school, but she is especially proud of her bachelor’s degree. “I am so proud of myself for this achievement. I obtained it during a pandemic and while being a stay-at-home mom.”

Congratulations to Addie Schmucker for graduating college and all the accomplishments throughout the past year!