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Bound for Berlin: Community Members Connect Overseas with Missionaries


IMG_5842Two community members recently boarded a plane bound for Berlin to witness and participate in God’s work around the world.

As part of a commitment of the Henderson Mennonite Brethren Church to be actively involved in the support of their missionaries, Karla Block and Becca Page spent July 18-28 in Germany with a missionary family whom the church has been supporting for a few years.

The Millers, originally from Iowa, have been in Germany for the better part of the last 10 years serving with MB Missions. Located in Neukölln, a neighborhood compared to the Bronx of NYC, the family has spent their time integrating into this diverse IMG_5821community and sharing the love of Jesus. “Their heart is for the people and to see how they can be of help to them,” commented Becca. A significant outreach opportunity in their ministry is presented by a large refugee population that resides in the area.

While visiting and serving, Karla and Becca helped at a Christian youth festival, served at a refugee center, and also did painting and cleaning at a local school. They were able to follow in the daily footsteps of the missionaries to glean an understanding of their life and work. Interacting with the refugees was especially significant to them. Instead of a statistic or a news story, they were now fellow people with distinct faces and names. At times the needs felt overwhelming, but the team held onto the hope of the gospel and the salvation of Jesus to share.

IMG_5797As the Millers serve and interact among the people, they ultimately want to raise up a local church in the area. Historically, the place was very rooted in Christian beliefs.

Upon their return, Karla and Becca were able to give a presentation to their congregation. Through this experience, they were made aware of the needs of the Miller family and how to support them in their crucial work. Conveying this to the congregation was helpful to bridge the ocean gap in how they can pray for and aid this family serving so many others. Henderson MB Pastor Luke Haidle also challenged them to take what they learned and reflect on the implications it has for their own community.

In the midst of hardship around the world, the trip was a reminder of the gift of gospel hope across the ocean as well as in our own backyard.



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