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Ted & Company Coming to Bethesda

Ted from Ted & Company. Photo from tedandcompany.com
Ted from Ted & Company.  Photo from tedandcompany.com
Ted Swartz from Ted & Company. Photo from tedandcompany.com

Ted & Company are on tour now and coming to Bethesda Mennonite Church on Saturday, February 9, at 7:00 p.m.  Ted & Company players are bringing a live performance of “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy” for this one night event as part of their Peace, Pie, and Prophets tour.  The show unpacks issues of justice and peace building through humorous and poignant storytelling.

This interactive event is for people interested in engaging in laughter, thoughtful dialogue, and pie.  Yes, Peace Pies.  The evening includes a hand-crafted pie auction where 100% of pie sales will go toward the support of Christian Peacemaker Teams.  There will also be a freewill offering during the pie social afterwards with all proceeds going toward Christian Peacemaker Teams.  The tour kicked off Spring 2012 with six shows across eastern Pennsylvania and the Midwest, surpassing expectations of organizers.  Volunteers donated almost 300 pies and the total amount raised for Christian Peacemaker Teams exceeded $30,000!

This event gives participants an opportunity to engage in the ongoing story of God’s restorative work in our world and our neighborhood.  It is an event that speaks across denominations, generations, and backgrounds for people who aim to be the change we seek.  Find a preview of the show here and a recap of the first leg of the tour here or go on the Ted & Company website: www.tedandcompany.com.

“Ted and Company remind us; laughter is a prophetic art, ‘loving our enemy’ is a fine art, and critical-thinking is [too often] a lost art.  “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy” is not simply a lament of how much fear has yet to be cast our of our cultures, it’s a call to lovingly exercise this fear from ourselves and our world, by laughing at it!” –Jarrod McKenna, Australian Peace Award Recipient




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