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The very First Annual Henderson/Bradshaw/Heartland Community School Alumni Basketball is on its way!  Save Saturday, July 9th @ 9am for this exciting event at the Heartland School Gym.  Any and all men and women alumni and their families are welcome.  You can come to play or come to spectate; either way this reunion is one you will not want to miss!  Entry fee for players is $15, which will be donated to the Boys’ and Girls’ Heartland Basketball Teams.  Entry also includes a really great alumni basketball t-shirt that you will absolutely need as a staple in your wardrobe!

This will be a fun and enjoyable event.  You will not want to be anywhere else.  Even if you do not want to play, still come to the school to hang out with old and new friends and watch some really entertaining basketball while enjoying the company.

Sponsors for this 1st Annual are: HeartlandBeat.com, Bergen Farms, Tri County Automotive, Kroeker Grain & Lumber Company, Cornerstone Bank, Lacey’s Travel, Kroeker & Kroeker Insurance and Real Estate, and Fourteen Forty-Three Designs.  Thank you to all the sponsors for choosing a fun event to invest in that will only get better over time!

Going old school with this video we found in the archives!



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  1. Wow! nice video. that song brings back some memories of cruising york. ha ha Wreckx-n-effect. love it.


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