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Warm Welcome to the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ Celebration


For the first time in years, Henderson brought back the ‘Spirit of Christmas’, where the town businesses opened their doors from 5pm to 8pm Thursday with cider, goodies and good cheer.  The event was aided by absolutely perfect weather and the turnout was huge.  With festive song ringing from the roof tops, the cars lined the streets and people were eager to mosey about.

The idea of the celebration started with Dutch Kitchen opening its doors on Thursday nights.  Another local business, Petal Pusher, started to work with Dutch Kitchen and thought it would be a great idea to get the local businesses open in the evening. This would encourage the townsmen to get out after hours to support those local businesses.  They spoke with Kelsey Bergen, Chamber Executive Director, and she got the ball rolling.  From this, emerged the planning of the Spirit of Christmas.

The ball rolled very well it seemed.  With over a hundred children sitting on Santa’s lap at City Hall and dozens and dozens of cookies ate, the town was pleased.  It was also a great opportunity for small, even start up businesses, who do not have a store front, to set up tables and display and sell their goods.

The evening was a huge success and the businesses and people that provided the open houses are owed a great deal of gratitude.  The town of Henderson was alive Thursday night.  It was immersed in the Spirit of Christmas.



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