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Heartland 4th Graders Enjoy Country School at Heritage Park

Heartland 4th graders reenact country school at the Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park's District #73E schoolhouse.

It’s become a tradition for the Heartland fourth graders to come out to the Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park for their annual Country School Day field trip. There were 25 fourth graders at the Park on Monday, May 13th, enjoying a day to reenact country school days in the 1880s. The Heartland fourth grade class has been coming out to the Park for about the last 15 years and has become a favorite both for the kids and the Heritage Park volunteers.

“It’s a highlight every year for the kids to come out here and learn what old-fashioned school was about. There’s no technology, and it’s a time when they can play and feel so free. They love it!” said Heartland fourth-grade teacher Kim Hiebner. As part of their day, they first gathered around the flagpole in front of the school as the United States flag was raised to begin their school day.

Other fun activities for the day included butter-making, shaking the ingredients up in a baby jar, and spreading it on homemade bread. Volunteer Larry Roberts led the group in reenacting a typical day in an 1888 country school at the District #73E schoolhouse. Recess was enjoyed outside the school with a fun game of Annie Annie Over.