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Hometown Return: MacKenzie (Dick) Richert


Written by Brandi Clement

This is the second feature in our mini-series, “Hometown Return.”

MacKenzie (Dick) Richert is another Henderson native who moved back to town in September of 2016. She enjoyed growing up in Henderson with the small community and school. “I know we complained a lot when we were younger about having nothing to do. However, looking back, the best part was getting to go to the pool and ride bikes across town with your best friends. Growing up in a small school allows you to have the same friends from kindergarten until you graduate, and you got to participate in every sport,” explained MacKenzie.

Moving back to Henderson wasn’t MacKenzie’s original plan. She stated, “I always wanted to live in a city. After doing that for five years, I then decided small town life was more for me. Henderson became my first choice, but I wasn’t sure what the job opportunities would be for my husband and I.” Now, two years later, MacKenzie works with Bergen-Friesen Insurance alongside her dad while her husband works for Cornerstone Bank.

“It’s been really good being back in Henderson,” MacKenzie described, “I have a lot of family in the area, so it’s been great to be closer to them. There are also several people who I grew up with that have come back. It’s been fun to be able to raise our families together. Plus, my husband has been able to get involved in several different activities throughout the community which has been fun to see.”

With life coming full circle, along with being near family, she shared, “I think my favorite part about moving back has been that my daughter is able to go to the same daycare that I grew up going to.”

As the saying goes, “It takes a village,” and MacKenzie selected the same village she experienced for her family.



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