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MB Church Back to School Serve Sunday


The Henderson MB Church has scheduled a “Back to School Serve Sunday” on August 13. Members and Volunteers will be serving our community by focusing on preparation for the coming school year. They will be spending time at the school doing teacher projects such as cutting, pasting, and assembling as directed by Heartland Teachers. Another team will be doing work outdoors: sweeping, weeding, and performing general cleaning jobs around the school grounds.

In addition to the activities at the school, there will be team of volunteers at the church filling MCC School Bags. Parishioners have been collecting supplies over the past month. Each school kit contains spiral notebooks (8 ½ x 10 ½; 70 sheets), unsharpened pencils, a ruler (flat, flexible plastic with both cm & inches), 12 pack of colored pencils (in packaging), and a large eraser (rectangular–not pencil top).

In the spirit of “Back to School Serve Sunday” the MB Church desires to help local families who may not be able to afford all the school materials needed. In anticipation of this need, donations of school supplies are being collected for Heartland kids. Each backpack they fill will contain 2 notebooks, 1 box of colored pencils, glue sticks, a Fiskars scissors, markers, big pink eraser, pencil pouch, and pencils.

Additionally, MB Church representatives have contacted the City of Henderson to see if there are any available service projects around the community. Other service work will be done at the church in preparation for Wednesday Night Live activities which will resume on September 13. The MB Church is excited about the new outdoor lighting that was recently installed on the property that will help to keep kids safe while coming and going from WNL. However, as part of post-project clean-up there is a need to redo some landscaping that was displaced by in the installation.

Serve Sunday is about loving our community and serving our neighbors. It is the hope of the MB Church that other community members will want to get involved in Serve Sunday activities. Anyone who would like to volunteer can meet at the Family Center at the MB Church at 9:30 a.m. and can participate in any area of need that interests them. If community members are not able to come on Sunday morning, they can still take part by dropping off donations of school supplies listed above to be dispersed either locally or as part of the MCC School Kits.



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