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Partnership Leads to Daycare Solution


For the last several years, it has become apparent that there is a significant need for daycare in Henderson. With current in home daycares at capacity, many young families are left scrambling to piece together daycare options between grandparents, relatives, and friends. This not only has created stress on young families but also has created an economic development challenge for the city and has families consider living in neighboring towns with available daycare options. After years of brainstorming, meetings, and deliberation, a short term solution may have been found through a partnership between a newly created tax-exempt nonprofit organization and Grace Children’s Home.

It is no secret that Bethesda Mennonite Church has been weighing the option of remodeling a portion of their facility to create the much needed daycare center. However, with estimated construction costs climbing and concerns about whether a large scale daycare center is actually a community need, the discernment process for this type of facility will be lengthy. While these discussions have been taking place, a 501 (C)(3) separate from the church was formed for a child development center, by a group of people wanting to make this dream a reality. In an effort to satisfy daycare needs quickly, Grace Children’s Home has partnered with this group by offering the use of Ranch House, one of the facilities owned by Grace Children’s Home, as a temporary daycare solution. This house will create space to be able to care for 12 children age’s 6-weeks to 12 years-old under the supervision of two staff members at a time. Doing business as Henderson Child Development Center (HCDC), this daycare will be managed by a director with a few staff members, while a Board of Directors made up of individuals from the community operating under the 501 (C)(3) will serve as the governing body. 

Currently fire codes, licensing requirements, procedures, guidelines and policies are being finalized before the HCDC can begin accepting applications for children. While an opening date has not been set, the intention is to open as soon as possible.  Organized self-motivated individuals who are interested in applying for staff and director positions are encouraged to contact the Henderson Chamber by August 31. Additionally, any community individuals who would like to volunteer to serve on the governing board of directors are encouraged to contact the Henderson Chamber as well.      



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