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Elementary Students of the Month – March 2015


March Students of the Month:

  • Kindergarten (Mrs. Thiesen): Meggan Friesen
  • Kindergarten (Mrs. Peters): Kinsley Friesen and Timmy Beck
  • 1st Grade (Mrs. Steever): Mary Dente
  • 1st Grade (Mrs. Ratzlaff): Kaidence Holbein
  • 2nd Grade (Mrs. Goff): Brady Goertzen
  • 3rd Grade (Mrs. Crouch): Hudson Regier and Fred Beck
  • 4th Grade (Mrs. Hiebner): Maddie Maltsberger
  • 5th Grade (Mrs. Maltsberger): Nathaly Argueta
  • 6th Grade (Mr. Veerhusen): Heath Perez

elemstudentsFrom these students, Kinsley Friesen and Timmy Beck were selected to be interviewed.

Kinsley and Timmy are in Mrs. Peters’ Kindergarten class. They both commented many times throughout the interview how much they enjoy having Mrs. Peters as a teacher. One thing they are currently doing in class is reading Golden Sower books.

Art class in Kinsley’s favorite subject because she really enjoys making crafts. Timmy’s favorite is Music. They also both look forward to recess time and usually head for the tire swing and the jungle gym.

Someday Timmy wants to be a truck driver like his dad. Kinsley is having a hard time deciding if she wants to be a hairdresser like her mom or an art teacher.

Congratulations to all of the students selected!




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