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Area Residents Participate in the International Training Conference [PHOTOS]

Sadie and her son Tucker at the ITC Banuqet.

Future Heartland Elementary Principal Sadie Houck and her son, Tucker Robinson, participated in the Chun Kuk Do and United Fighting Arts Federation International Training Conference and Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 16-19. Sadie participated in the Professional Development Series, Instructor Development Series, and worked with world-renowned martial artists Rener Gracie and Iain Abernethy. Tucker participated in Weapon X with instructor Aaron Hensley where he worked on bo staff and bokken. During the Gracie Bullyproof Camp, Tucker was able to learn Jujitsu and unshakable confidence to help become part of the solution to bullying.

Throughout the weekend, Tucker and Sadie participated in the Chun Kuk Do tournament. Tucker received a 4th place medal in traditional kata, bo kata, and sparring. Sadie received 3rd in sparring, 2nd in team sparring, and the 1st place world champion in traditional kata. The following weekend Tucker and Sadie participated in the Cornhusker State Games of Taekwondo. Tucker received 4th in kata and sparring, and Sadie received 3rd in kata and 2nd in sparring.

Sadie has been in the martial arts for 17 years, became a junior instructor at age 14, and opened her own school, Sadie’s Sidekicks, at age 18. Tucker started the martial arts at age 2 and will begin second grade at Heartland Community Schools this fall.

“Being a part of the martial arts shapes you into a person you never thought you could be. Pushes you to strive for excellence in everything you do and to become a better person and servant to those around you.” –Sadie Houck

Tucker preforming a Gracie Combatives’ technique on instructor Rener Gracie.

Article and photos courtesy of Sadie Houck