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Striv.tv Live Streams Junction Motor Speedway Races


Striv.tv took to the races this past weekend at the Junction Motor Speedway for their two day opener–The Spring Thaw. Striv.tv is Taylor Siebert’s new video live streaming startup company that will be providing live streaming at JMS for their 2012 racing season. As a “newbie” to any kind of racing and a sales associate with Striv, I made the trip over to the speedway to see for myself what dirt track racing was all about.

Wow! When my feet hit the ground outside of my car, I was shocked at the loud rumble I could instantly feel and hear. After watching the first day of the Spring Thaw racing event on my computer through Striv.tv my previously latent interest in racing had perked up. As I found my way to the grandstand, I waved to Taylor who was perched high a top the press box running his camera and laptop computer.

The first race I saw there were so many wrecks, mishaps and car problems that only three cars actually finished the race. This was more action than I had bargained for. Just when a race really got going something would happen and the yellow flag would come out slowing the whole process down. Multiple tow trucks and four-wheelers manned by volunteers wearing protective yellow fire suits were very busy during these races. I was surprised at how swiftly they worked to get a car off the track so the race could continue.

Flags, their colors and hand signals are important in racing and I had a little trouble keeping track of all that was going on during a race. There could be a stray tire rolling on the track, a trunk lid fallen off and multiple cars hanging up on any of the four turns simultaneously. I can see why drivers and fans will enjoy and appreciate going back and watching the archived live streaming of a particular race because it’s hard to see all the action when you are in the stands or driving a race car.

Surprisedly, I think I enjoyed my first trip to the races at Junction Motor Speedway. It was fun following some of the drivers I knew and seeing the excitement of the winners when the announcer interviewed them at what they call “Victory Lane” at JMS. Next time I will definitely bring along my ear plugs.

The response to Striv’s first live streaming at JMS was very positive with well over 2,200 hits on the site over the weekend. If you can’t make it to the races or just want to watch them again you can go to www.junctionmotorspeedway.com and hit the striv.tv tab for viewing. Sponsorships are still available for JMS live streaming and you may contact sales@striv.tv</> if interested.

Shannon Siebert



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