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First Ethnic Food Demonstration a Success


During the 125th Celebration of Henderson, the goal is to Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present and Explore the Future. Ethnic Food Demonstrations are being each month as a way to celebrate the food that is unique to the community of Henderson.

During February participants learned how to make noodles from scratch under the direction of Adeline Huebert and Shirley Friesen. Many different techniques of noodle making were shown such as using a pasta maker, stacking dough and rolling it into a circle before cutting. Each participant was part of a hands-on process in making the noodles and was able to take to them recipe and some of the noodles that were made during the class.

These food demonstrations will continue each month during 2012. Demonstrations will be held one Saturday each month in the Heartland Community Schools Family Consumer Science Room at 10:00 a.m.

The schedule for the year is as follows: March 24, Ham & Noodles; April 28, Zwieback; May 5, Verenika & Ham Gravy; June 16, Rull Kuchen; July 28, Green Bean Soup; August 18, Priescha; September, Russian Pancakes; October 13, Schnetya; November 25, Peppernuts; December 29, New Year’s Cookies.

These hands-on demonstrations cost $15 per person. Included in this cost is the cost of ingredient needed to hold the class and the instruction. In addition, participating individual will receive the recipe used for the class and any extra food that was made during the class.

Space for this event is limited to 20 people, so tickets must be purchased ahead of time at the Henderson Chamber Office or at www.HendersonNE.com in the Q125 Store. For more information or to order your tickets, contact the Henderson Chamber at (402) 723-4228 or email hchamber@mainstaycomm.net.

Kelsey Bergen



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