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Huskie Boys Fight Hard But Not Enough


Huskies boys worked hard on both ends of the court, but fell short and lost to Tri County 49-64.  The team started the game well and as the game neared the end, the team pulled it within five points.  Big scoring nights were held by Spencer Friesen with 18 points and Jesse Nissen with 17 points.  

The post players fought hard tonight under the boards.  Brent Regier and Tanner Steingard played tough underneath battling Tri County’s big man. Cody Brown held his own as he took, yet a few more charges for the season.  

All in all, a good effort was put into the game.  The team has the opportunity to avenge the night’s loss in the first game of Conference Tournament, where they will face Tri County again at Tri County.  The game will be held Monday at 7:15pm.


Heartland – S. Friesen 18, J. Nissen 17, T. Steingard 6, B. Regier 5, C. Brown 3




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