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York County Assessor Explains Increased Property Valuation Glitch


York County Press Release

YORK COUNTY—On Wednesday afternoon, June 5, York County Assessor Kurt Bulgrin offered a statement regarding a valuation situation in the City of York in which inflated valuation amounts were sent to property owners due to a glitch in the process. That was good news for 700-plus property owners in York, whose property valuations will actually stay the same this year. 

That prompted some other property owners in the county – who aren’t in the City of York – asking questions as to whether their property valuations were also inflated due to the same glitch.

Thursday morning, Bulgrin offered the following explanation: “The glitch which took place was just in the City of York. York County is in the process of converting from the 2008 costing manual to the 2020 manual. This conversion will take place over four years as we conduct the six-year inspection cycle, which we do in four years. As properties are inspected and records are updated, those properties will be converted to the 2020 costing manual. 

“So, the properties inspected last year (West Blue, McFadden, Hays, and Henderson townships, the City of Henderson, and the villages of McCool Junction and Lushton) have been converted to the 2020 costing manual for the 2024 assessment year,” he said.

“The properties that are being inspected this year (Stewart, Thayer, Morton, and Arborville townships, and the villages of Gresham, Thayer, and Benedict, along with the City of York) will be converted to the 2020 manual for the 2025 assessment year. By the 2027 assessment year, all properties in the county will be valued using the 2020 costing manual.”

Bulgrin asks property owners who have questions about their valuations to contact him at 402-362-4926.