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Sponsor Spotlight – Nunnenkamp Electric


Nunnekamp Electric offers its customers a wide variety of electrical and energy services. Owners Trevor and Anna Nunnenkamp are always looking for ways to diversify and strengthen their business, and this June will mark 11 years since they started Nunnenkamp Electric. 

Nunnenkamp Electric provides high-quality service and products that cater to its customer’s unique needs. “I like finding out my customers’ needs and solving their problems,” said Trevor. Most of their work is residential, including new homes, remodels, specialty lighting, and service work. They also do some commercial and agricultural jobs. 

One market Nunnenkamp Electric is growing is solar energy. “It’s an emerging market that we are excited to offer,” said Trevor. With the uncertainty of the power grid and power outages, he sees it as a viable way to meet his customers’ energy needs.

They recently moved into their new home southwest of Henderson, which is solar-powered. It’s also unique because they built what is called a shophouse or “Shouse,” which consolidates their home and business under one roof. 

These are the roof-mounted solar panels installed on the Nunnenkamps’ new home in the country. They also have ground-mounted solar panels that help power their home.

“It’s nice to have everything at one property. The business side of the house includes a mechanical room, restrooms, parts storage and work area, and an office. The next phase will be the building of a large shop with overhead doors,” said Anna. 

Another growing market for Nunnenkamp Electric is providing residential backup generators. They understand the importance of having a backup energy source during power outages and currently service about 100 generators within a 1 1/2-hour radius of Henderson. They not only install generators but also provide annual service and repairs. 

Here is a typical residential generator installed in a customer’s backyard by Nunnenkamp Electric.

“I think the solar market is something we really want to continue to sell and work on educating customers on the benefits. It’s a cost-effective way to cut energy bills and also as a backup for power outages. There is a sense of a little bit more control and peace of mind for customers who install either solar systems or backup generators,” said Trevor. 

He works with a supplier that provides high-quality panels and uses precise weather data to determine the structure of each solar installation. 

With the increase in electric vehicles, he also sees that customers will either need to upgrade their electric system or add solar energy to meet their increasing electrical needs. 

As a longtime Heartlandbeat sponsor, we appreciate their support and look forward to watching their business grow as they continue to help meet their customers’ energy needs.