Home School Heartland Partners With Henderson Health Care for Student Job Shadow Opportunities

Heartland Partners With Henderson Health Care for Student Job Shadow Opportunities


Heartland students participating in the job shadowing at HHCS are from L – R: Grace Splinter, Laura Splinter, Mia Hiebner, and Will Regier

Heartland Community Schools press release

In past semesters, Anne Regier’s Family Consumer Science Class ventured over to Henderson Health Care Services (HHCS) for career exploration field trips. They would tour the radiology, sonography, lab tech, and nursing departments. During the visits, the opportunity of job shadowing surfaced as a possibility for Heartland students. Anne encouraged those who may be interested in the medical field to seize the opportunity.

This semester, four students signed up to job shadow. Requirements include that the student must be 16 years old and complete the necessary paperwork. Job shadow times are arranged during Mrs. Regier’s Adult Living Skill Class or during a study hall period. The current participating students shadow at Henderson Health Care for about one hour per week.  

“The student response has been amazing. They come back excited if something happened during their job shadow shift, and they were able to watch their mentor in action! They discuss with the rest of the class what their job entails and if they think they could see themselves doing this as a future career,” Anne described.

Situated right next to the school, HHC provides an ideal and well-respected workplace for the students to explore. Ashley Griess has been the contact there who has arranged the necessary components for the program. She explained, “Henderson Health Care Services has been partnering with the Heartland School to allow opportunities for students to gain experience and learn more about the different career pathways in health care. This is a great way for students early on to learn about different opportunities locally, furthering education, and pursue employment opportunities.”

Of the four students shadowing this semester, two have been following hospital nurses, and one has been in radiologic technology. The other student was shadowing in the lab but decided that wasn’t the right fit and switched to explore sonography. 

Participating student Will Regier remarked, “The staff is helpful and nice, and I am learning a lot about being an X-ray tech. I am glad HHCS is allowing me the opportunity to job shadow, and it has helped me decide that I want to pursue a job in radiology.”

Grace Splinter shared, “I have always kept my mind open to being a nurse, and job shadowing at HHCS showed me that it is a great job even though I might not do it in the future.”  

Another integral part of the program is school counselor Kelsey Vnoucek. She expounded on what this means for the students. “I am thankful for the opportunity to partner with Henderson Health Care to provide our students with a look into their futures. It gives students a chance to make an informed decision related to careers. Maybe they love it or want to change to a different area. Some students learn more than just about their careers; they also learn that their dream job could be close to home instead of in a bigger city. When paired with our partnership with Southeast Community College, we can get students a jump start on college and career readiness. Students can pick a pathway with SCC and have prerequisites done before entering college, saving them time and money.”

If you see a Heartland student shadowing at Henderson Health Care in the remainder of the semester, be sure to say hello to them. Hopefully, we will even see them return as employees in the future! 

Mia Hiebner shadowing HHCS employee Micaela.