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Grace Mission Hires New Director

Keith Singer, the new Grace Mission Director, and his wife Claudia and three children Wade, Corinna, and Molly will arrive in Henderson on September 15.

Grace Mission has hired a new director, Keith Singer, to take over for retiring Eugene Enns. Grace Mission has a long history in Henderson, serving national ministries in Haiti and Mexico. 

Their motto is “Unleashing the gospel through National Ministers in Haiti and Mexico.” 

Some of their ministries include an orphanage and orphanage school, a senior home, leadership and character training, and church planting in Haiti and Mexico. 

Eugene and his wife Marsha have been working for Grace Mission for 24 years and have loved living in Henderson and serving as director. They took over for longtime Grace Mission Director Loyal Schmidt and his wife Donna in 1999. 

“Keith is a great choice to head up Grace Mission, and he is eager to learn what we do here,” said Enns. “Keith and his wife Claudia have bought a home in Henderson and will arrive September 15. They currently live in northern Washington, where he was a pastor. They have three children: Corinna, age 7; Molly, age 4; and Wade, eight months old.”

Enns will stay on at Grace Mission for about a year to train Singer and help him get his feet on the ground.  “There is much to learn since we are involved in mission services in multiple countries.  Keith will be visiting churches and donors over the next year, traveling with teams to Haiti and Mexico, and learning the details of how our office operates,” said Enns. 

Singer is no stranger to living in small towns in the Midwest and is originally from Sterling, Colorado.  He enjoys hunting and recently served as a volunteer in their local fire department.  Eugene and Marsha plan on staying here after they retire, looking forward to what their future holds.