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Heartland Elementary Field Day Was a Winner

Heartland Elementary Field Day was a huge success!

The Heartland Elementary kids look forward to this day all year, and it finally arrived this Tuesday, May 2! The ornery spring weather cooperated with sunshine, some manageable wind, and warmer temps making for a festive day at the Heartland track. 

Elementary Field Day has been a long-standing annual event for good reason. It’s a great time for all K-6 students to let loose for some track & field competition, the three-legged race, and the softball throw.

There were plenty of high fives and kids chanting their classmates’ names loudly as they competed. Parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends were on hand to cheer on the competitors and encourage their efforts. 

Each grade level wore a different brightly colored 2023 Elementary Field Day t-shirt making it easy to spot whomever you were following. High school students volunteer to help make this event run smoothly—timing runners in their lanes, measuring jumps, raking sand, and even announcing the results on the loudspeaker. 

Each student may enter three events of their choice, and on the back of their t-shirt are labels with their name, event entered, and grade written on it. These labels make it easy for record keepers to correctly record each student’s performance.  

It was a team effort for Heartland to make this such an organized and successful event. Great job by the Heartland teachers, staff, administrators, and high school volunteers who showed up for another great Elementary Field Day!  

Photos courtesy Eric Allgood



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