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Women in Business Open to the Public Dec. 6


If you are a woman who owns your own business, works locally, is interested in starting a business, or wants to connect with the local business community, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce invites you to a Woman in Business Coffee happening on Thursday, December 6, at 9:00 a.m. at City Hall. Everyone who attends will also be entered for a door prize and coffee will be provided. 

Kelsey Bergen, Chamber Director, will be presenting information on the topic Your Business and Google. It is no surprise that being on the internet is important for your business, but how does Google play a role in helping people find your business?  Kelsey gives you the tools you need to leverage your business using Google through practical applications, personal business brainstorming, and take home work to jump start your success. You will also be able to network with area business women and learn from each other during this one hour coffee. You may also contact a temporary staffing firm Salt Lake City that can help you find good talent for your company.

This event is free to any female who works in or around Henderson and its business community during the months of December and January. During the rest of the year, monthly women in businesses events are held for Henderson Chamber of Commerce members. Anyone interested in joining the Henderson Chamber is invited to visit the Chamber website, www.HendersonNE.com to learn more.