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Written by Shannon Siebert

Quote of the Day—“But hats off to our boys. It got to the point where it looked a little bleak there for a while. Our kids never gave up, they kept their composure and they just have a championship spirit.” Coach Maltsberger’s comments after their 1st round playoff win.


THE STORY:  It’s that time of year for Heartland Football & Volleyball 

Home Field Advantage
It you haven’t heard, the Heartland Huskie football team is “Stayin’ Alive” with last Thursday’s win again Nebraska Lutheran on the home turf.  It wasn’t any pushover but it was good enough for Heartland to sail into the 2nd round where they will play East Butler at home this Wednesday night at 6:30 PM.  Read here all about last week’s exciting game.  BREAKING NEWS!!! If you can’t make it over to the game, it will be live streamed on striv.tv!

R & R is over and here again

Sub-District Volleyball Play
The Heartland Volleyball team was playing at breakneck speed for the past few months and it seemed that a 11 day lull (R & R) was OK but maybe not.  Sub districts started Monday night with the Huskies coming out strong after their R & R beating Shelton easily in three sets.  But Tuesday night was a different story.  They met up with a scrappy Blue Hill team that wouldn’t budge beating the Huskies in three straight sets.  Now it’s all about “Stayin’ Alive” as the Huskies await the results of Thursday night’s matches to see if they will get the wild card to play at State.  The Lincoln Journal Star took note of their recent success and idle schedule interviewing Head Coach Sara Ostmeyer in Monday’s paper.  Here’s the sub-district pairings for this week taking place at Hastings St. Cecilia. 

Get out the Vote
Here’s the lowdown on the upcoming November 8 election if you are in the Heartland Community School District.  Five folks have thrown their hats into the ring but there are only three seats available. Incumbents are Paul Brune, Gary Braun and Glen Ott.  Non-incumbents are Derrick Regier and Dr. James Ohrt.  Read all about their “Stayin’ Alive” ideas for the Heartland School District in this recent York News Times article.

What to say to your friend who says “I don’t know what the heck is on the ballot!”….
Do your homework and go to this site with the basic info about what your ballot will look like if you live in Nebraska.  There is a biggie on the ballot this year concerning repealing Nebraska’s death penalty so you might want to read Referendum #426 very carefully before you vote one way or the other.  The big day is next Tuesday, November 8 and the Henderson City Hall is where local registered voters may cast their votes. 

What to Read
“All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr is a uniquely written book and worth picking up. Don’t avoid it thinking it’s just another WWII story because it is a stunning and vivid tale you won’t soon forget.  The author carefully crafts this engaging story of Marie-Laure a blind girl living with her father in Paris with Werner an orphan boy in Germany who is a self taught radio genius.  The evils of this war wrap around both of their lives yet their miraculous meeting raises  hope for human goodness in the end.

Word for the day:

  1. the smallest amount possible amount; not worth a stiver
  2. Also, stuiver, a former nickel coin of the Netherlands, equal to five Dutch cents.

“”His word is not worth a stiver.”



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