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Henderson Milestone Awards 2012


As the New Year rings in and the old year is in the books, it is time to recognize Henderson businesses with their Milestone Awards.  No banquet will be held in 2013 due, in part, by the Executive Director of the Henderson Chamber, Kelsey Bergen, giving birth to twin boys.

Businesses that hit a milestone achievement in 2012 include: District 95 and Subway for five years, Prairie Oasis RV Park and Shannon’s Custom Embroidery for 10 years, Matt Siebert/Pioneer for 15 years, Henderson Food Mart and Nissen Electric for 20 years, Galaway Creek Golf Course for 30 years, Service Press and Hiebner Body Shop for 35 years, Circle 5 and NRD (Government) for 40 years, Burton Enterprise for 45 years, Thieszen Insurance Agency for 50 years, and Kroy Industries for 55 years’ service.

Thank you to all the great businesses that keep Henderson progressing and serving this community and more.

Updated January 10, 2013 (Added Galaway Creek Golf Course for 30 years)



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