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New To Town: Spectra Wraps [PHOTOS]

Owner of Spectra Wraps Matt Buller next to his printer at his new office in downtown Henderson.
Owner of Spectra Wraps Matt Buller next to his printer at his new office in downtown Henderson.

If you have driven down Main Street and noticed some changes around the old Metz Mortuary building, then you have noticed the latest business that has moved into town.

Spectra Wraps now occupies the old Metz building and warehouse.  Owner, Matt Buller started the company in 2008 while he was living in Lincoln and the company started out of his home.  Buller is a 2003 Heartland Alumni.  He felt like he wanted to get closer to home and decided to make the move in mid-November.  He purchased the old Metz building and the warehouse on the southwest corner of Main Street.  He then moved his company, Spectra Wraps to Henderson.

Buller went to University of Nebraska in Lincoln for graphic design. During his senior year at UNL, he purchased a substantial printer that has the capability to do a wide range of projects.  He just slowly started doing projects here and there and it gradually turned into a full-time business.  He eventually outgrew his home this last year and began looking for a building in Lincoln to expand.  After looking around the Lincoln area, Buller realized he wanted to move back to Henderson, his hometown, and conduct his business here.

So what is it that Buller does exactly and what is Spectra Wraps?  Spectra Wraps is owned and operated by Buller and, right now, he is a one man shop.  His business consists of the capability to cut vinyl, print signs as small as cell phone or laptop skins and as large as wraps for cars or semi trucks.  A few other capabilities he has is printing wall art for the home or elsewhere, murals, boarders and the list goes on.  If you want something printed, Buller is your man.  He can most likely handle anything you can dream up.

Since moving to Henderson, Spectra Wraps has already seen business growth.  Currently, Spectra is contracted with Giltner High School for their weight room project.  They have requested inspirational words printed on the wall as well as their mascot.

Buller has also had local web agency, Paradigm Shift Interactive build him a website with a web application to give his clients the ability to pick out their design of the cart wrap online.  You can check out his kart customizer here.

Buller appreciates having an actual business address now, instead of doing business out of his home.  A business address makes his company more offical and legitimate.  It also gives clients and potential clients the ability to walk-in, which Buller has never had the opportunity of while working out of the home.

Spectra Wraps only occupies a portion of the large space that was purchased.  Buller has plenty of space available for rent; from as large as a space to store your camper or boat or if you only have a few boxes or a lawn mower, he has that space available to rent as well.

Buller is doing great things for the community of Henderson by adding to the business community and giving more options for the community to have quality materials that they can get right here in town.  It is exciting that he has chosen to move back to Henderson with his innovative business.  We are very happy to have Buller and his Spectra Wraps here in Henderson and build on the business community.



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