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Driewer/Glunz Represent at All-Star Game

Left - #9 Miranda Driewer Right - Coach Brenda Glunz
Left - #9 Miranda Driewer Right - Coach Brenda Glunz

The third annual Tribune Volleyball Classic was held last Thursday, June 16th at the Hastings College’s Lynn Farrell Arena.  Heartland’s volleyball program was represented well at this year’s event with Miranda Driewer playing for the North All-Star team and Coach Brenda Glunz was asked to be Head Coach for the North as well.

Driewer had the pleasure of setting for the North All-Stars and playing with other outstanding volleyball athletes from numerous other schools.  North team members included: Chelsea Caruso, St. Paul, Karny Kuehl and Halie McNelis, Northwest, Lauren Psota, Kearney High, Shala Nelson, Axtell, Allison Arnold, Grand Island, Brooke Henry, Loup City and Kayla James, Kearney Catholic.

This was a great game that showed some serious talent on both sides of the court.  The night ended well for the North, as they finished in a four set victory; 25-18, 25-21, 24-26, 25-18.  Driewer posted 19 assists for the victory and Glunz was the winning coach.  Her strategy was all about communication.  She told the girls that every player on both sides of the court has incredible talent, so the team that talks to each other the most will win the match.  She was right as the North pulled together well, had lots of fun and came out with the win.

Many of these players will continue their careers at the college level.  This is a great event for the girls to get together and play a game they love and make the transition from high school to college.  Congratulations to Miranda Driewer and Coach Brenda Glunz.  Job well done.

North All-Stars (kills-aces-blocks)
Miranda Driewer, Heartland, 2-0-0; Chelsea Caruso, St. Paul, 0-2-0; Karny Kuehl, Northwest, 13-0-3; Lauren Psota, Kearney, 9-0-0; Shala Nelson, Axtell, 5-0-1; Allison Arnold, Grand Island, 11-0-4; Brooke Henry, Loup City, 9-0-0; Kayla James, Kearney Catholic, 0-0-0; Halie McNelis, Northwest, 0-2-0; Team 49-4-8.
Assists — James 26, Driewer 19, Kuehl 1, Team 46

South All-Stars (kills-aces-blocks)
Megan Farley, Syracuse, 1-0-0; Cody Long, Thayer Central, 12-2-1; Keri Shaw, Sandy Creek, 7-1-0; Claire Bergen, Sutton, 6-0-1; Bailey Morris, Sandy Creek, 1-0-0; Bailie Muller, Minden, 5-2-3; Brooke Busboom, St. Cecilia, 6-0-2; Kristin Drudik, Lawrence-Nelson, 2-0-0; Jessica Osterhaus, Sutton, 3-0-2; Ashtin Pawloski, Hastings High, 0-0-0; Team 43-5-9.
Assists — Farley 23, Drudik 10, Morris 2, Long 1, Bergen 1, Team 38.



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