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Water must be important to our bodies since it makes up about 60 percent of the body’s total weight. Here’s how WATER really works…
Functions of water:
  • Nourishes the cells
  • Carries food throughout the body
  • Eliminates waste
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Cushions and lubricates the joints
  • Maintains blood volume & blood pressure

 Inadequate fluid levels in the body can cause higher rates of:

  • Kidney stones
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Bladder and colorectal cancers

Most of us have followed the “drink eight glasses of water a day” rule.  But there is now a formula for moderately active men and women that focuses on one’s body weight and gender.  

Male Drinking Requirement, in fluid ounces:
Body weight   x   .35

Female Drinking Requirement, in fluid ounces:
Body weight   x   .31

For example:  A 180-pound male needs to drink 63 ounces of water a day (180 x  .35 = 63).  The rest of his daily water supply will come from food and metabolic processes.

It is important to remember that if you run or workout you need to drink more to cover the sweat loss.

Water intake comes from:  Fluids, food and metabolism
Water loss comes from:  Urine, sweat, respiration, and feces


  • Drink a full glass of warm water right when you wake up
  • Drink a cup of tea or 1-2 full glasses of water before eating meals (this will make you feel fuller and therefore not eat as much)
  • Drink a full glass of water before going to bed
  • Drink water when you are thirsty
  • Take medication only with water & avoid other drinks within 20 minutes
  • When you feel hungry try drinking water first because it may fill you up until your next meal
  • Staying well hydrated will help you be more alert throughout the day

From Contributor Tessa Siebert

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