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Bethesda Youth Group goes to Minnesota


Bethesda Mennonite Church Youth group took 19 students to Onamia, Minnesota May 22nd, 2022 where they headed to Timber Bay Camp and Retreat Center ready to help out and spread the word of God.

Maddie Maltsberger was one of the 19 students that attended this trip, she was so excited to help wherever help was needed. “I wanted to go to help with the kids that would be attending the camp retreat.”

Maddie said that it was so good to help younger kids grow. “My biggest take-away from this trip was knowing that I had helped so many younger kids grow with God in a very special place.”

“We had cleared out areas of trees and sticks so there could be more open areas, we also got the swimming area and docks ready for the kids to swim along with helping fix a fence at the barn for the horses.”

Maddie said her favorite part of the trip was sitting at the campfire with everyone. “After long days of work, we would listen to the stories people had about their encounters with God.”

Eloise Casper also attended the trip, she loved being able to help kids she didn’t necessarily know become closer to Christ.

“While on the trip we helped in many ways such as chopping wood to be able to use for campfires, making a raft on the lake for swimming, making a beach shack by the lake, picking up the brush and so much more.”

Eloise said some of her favorite parts of the trip outside of volunteer work was playing games with everyone at the end of a long day. “I loved hearing the camp staff’s stories about themselves while reflecting on the day while enjoying the campfire with everyone.”

Reese Regier also attended the trip knowing she could make a huge impact in her own way. “I knew it would be a good opportunity to help others and make new friendships.”

Reese said it was great knowing they saved the workers from weeks of work and got the camp up and running, ready for the kids.

“Some work we did was helping clear trees, move rocks, stack logs, and build docks.”

Reese said her favorite part was spending time with friends and helping others. “I loved hearing stories from the camp staff.”

It’s evident the students that went on this trip love to serve and help in any way they can and will continue to show that throughout the community.