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Hail Hits Henderson


If you were not suddenly awaken this morning around 3am, you have either: a nice, sound proof home or you were stuck in a very deep sleep.  It was about 3am this morning when a hail storm swept through Henderson with lightning that lit up the sky and the rain quickly turned to hail.  The hail was no more than pea size, but came down hard and fast and was enough to cover the ground.  The hail ended and then a bit more came down about 20 to 30 minutes after the first shower.

People were awake and taking pictures of the hail and posting on Facebook knowing that others would view these pictures momentarily because they, too, were up at 3am.  It was an interesting feeling to know that you were awake at this time along with the rest of the town.

The storm came and went with hardly any damage, except maybe a bit of harm to your growing gardens and/or flowers.  This nearly harmless hail storm was just enough to cause conversation at coffee or work this morning.

Were you one of us that was awake this morning? Give your comments below or send us any pictures you may have taken from the Henderson Hail Storm.  Any pictures can be sent to taylor.siebert@gmail.com.



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