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Oh, The Weather Outside is…Delightful!


The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days.  Whether it be to skate on the lake, a brisk walk or even a quick trip downtown to check the mail or run a few errands, people in Henderson are getting out and about.  Despite the light snow and brutal winds last weekend, it has been quite pleasant and it has not been a horrible task to bundle up and get out and enjoy the season.

A year ago, Henderson had a blizzard coming just around the corner.  **knock on wood** December 24 through 27, 2009 dumped over 20 inches of snow on this side of Nebraska and caused numerous folks to be stranded and unable to be with family and loved ones on Christmas Day.  So far, the weather does not appear to be heading that direction.  Although for Christmas, snow falling will be well received, it is hoped to not repeat last Christmas’ blizzard.

For now, folks cannot help but take in the weather and enjoy!



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