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Extension Update by Jenny Rees


Upcoming Events:

Nov. 4, 5, 13, 14Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options, 1-4 p.m., WCREC, North Platte
Nov. 12: Grazing Cover Crops Workshop, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Fairgrounds, Ord, RSVP: (308) 346-4200
Nov. 14: Grazing Cover Crops Workshop, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Community Center, Blue Hill, RSVP: (402) 469-6784
Nov. 18: CSI for Youth: Soil sampling, 5 p.m., jrees2@unl.eduNov. 18: Ag Land Management Webinar, 6 p.m., Register: https://agecon.unl.edu/landmanagement
Nov. 20: Pheasants Forever Cover Crop Field Day, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 4-H Building York, RSVP 402-362-5508
Nov. 22: NE Agribusiness Association Research Symposium, Holthus Convention Center, York
Nov. 25: Farm Bill Mtg, 1-4 p.m.,Community Center, Red Cloud
Nov. 26: York County Corn Grower Annual Meeting, 6:30 social, 7 p.m. Dinner, Chances R, York
Dec. 3: Farm Bill Mtg, 9 a.m.-Noon, ENREC near Mead 
Dec. 4: Farm Bill Mtg, 9 a.m.-Noon, Ag Park in Columbus  
Dec. 5: Farm Bill Mtg, 1-4 p.m., College Park in Grand Island 
Dec. 5: Farm Bill Mtg, 1:30-4:30 p.m., Opera House, Bruning 
Dec. 6: Farm Bill Mtg, 9 a.m.-Noon, Fairgrounds Cornerstone Building York 
Dec. 9: F/R College Dr. David Kohl “Agriculture Today: It is what it is…What Should We Do About It“, 1-4 p.m., Bruning Opera House, Bruning, RSVP: (402) 759-3712
Dec. 11: Women Managing Agricultural Land, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Nebraska Innovation Campus, Lincoln
Dec. 12-13: Know Your Options, Know Your Numbers, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Fairgrounds, Ord
Dec. 16: Farm Bill Mtg, 9 a.m.-Noon, Extension Office Lincoln
Dec. 16: CSI for Youth: Ag Tour, 5 p.m., jrees2@unl.edu
Dec. 17: Farm Bill Mtg, 9 a.m.-Noon,  Fairgrounds 4-H Bldg. Beatrice 
Dec. 17: Farm Bill Mtg, 1-4 p.m., Fairgrounds in Kearney  
Dec. 19: Nebraska Soybean Day and Machinery Expo, Wahoo


York County Corn Grower Plot Results and Banquet: The results of the York County Corn Growers plot can be found at: https://jenreesources.com/2019/11/03/2019-york-county-corn-grower-plot-results/. Special thanks to Ron and Brad Makovicka for their dedication and work in hosting! Also appreciate all the seed companies who participate! The York County Corn Grower’s Banquet will be held Tuesday, November 26 at Chances ‘R in York with social at 6:30 p.m. and dinner at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased from any York Co. Corn Grower director or at the York Co. Extension Office.

Fall Nitrogen Application: With November here, a reminder to check soil temperatures before applying anhydrous ammonia to crop fields. Soil microbial activity and the rate of conversion of ammonium to nitrate is very low when the soil temperature is less than 50oF. Thus, apply fertilizer-N (and manure) when the soil temperature at the 4” soil depth is below 50°F and trending cooler. Daily and weekly soil temperatures (taken 4” below the surface of bare soil) can be found at: https://cropwatch.unl.edu/soiltemperature.

Extension Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Specialists Javed Iqbal, Charlie Wortmann, Bijesh Maharjan, and Laila Puntel shared additional considerations for fall Nitrogen application in this week’s CropWatch: Apply anhydrous ammonia rather than other N fertilizers; Limit fall application of N to silt loam, silty clay loam, and finer textured soils; Use nitrification inhibitors to slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, especially on sand-dominant soils; Avoid fall application on wet soils; and Consider applying a lower base rate of nitrogen in the fall and plan on applying the rest at planting, or as a side-dress application.

On-Farm Research Protocols are available for anyone interested in fall vs. spring nitrogen management studies, inhibitor studies, or other potential on-farm research studies by contacting your local Extension educator. For growers within the UBBNRD interested in on-farm research studies that have a water quality focus, you may be eligible for additional support through the UBBNRD.  In some instances it may cover district staff and equipment use; in others, it may cover a portion of the costs of lab analysis of soil, plant tissue, or water samples. If you’re a grower interested in this type of study, please contact the UBBNRD or your local Extension Educator to talk through your study idea and for additional information.

Farm Bill Meetings: Joint Nebraska Extension and Nebraska Farm Service Agency (FSA) producer education meetings are scheduled at 28 locations across the state from late November to mid-December in advance of the coming ARC/PLC enrollment deadlines in early 2020. The meetings are free and open to the public. Advance registration is encouraged for planning purposes for materials and facilities. Attendees can register for any of the meetings conveniently on the web at farmbill.unl.edu or by calling or visiting their county FSA or Extension office. The educational programs will feature information and insights from FSA specialists and Extension experts, as well as other relevant information from local agencies.

Nearest locations for this area of the State include: Nov. 25. Community Center, Red Cloud (1-4 p.m.); Dec. 3 ENREC near Mead (9-Noon); Dec. 4 Ag Park in Columbus (9-Noon); Dec. 5 College Park in Grand Island (1-4 p.m.); Dec. 5. Opera House, Bruning (1:30-4:30 p.m.); Dec. 6 Fairgrounds Cornerstone Building York (9-Noon); Dec. 16. Extension Office Lincoln (9-Noon); Dec. 17 Fairgrounds 4-H Bldg. Beatrice (9-Noon); Dec. 17 Fairgrounds in Kearney (1-4 p.m.).



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