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New Website for Henderson Chamber


The Henderson Chamber of Commerce launched a new website, www.Hendersonne.com, this month to provide visitors, residents, members, and the general public with even more relevant and easy-to-find information about Henderson from several different perspectives.

“Our website is like a brochure for the community,” said Kelsey Bergen, Chamber Director. “It not only showcases the community of Henderson to people who want to visit or move here, but it also is a place that residents can find information about upcoming events and where Chamber members can access information each month.”

The revamped site features a business directory making sure every member business is easy to search for online, even if they don’t have a company website. It also provides a community calendar, job listings, and additional ways to help people plug into the community of Henderson and greater York County.
Visit www.HendersonNE.com to experience the redesigned website.

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is an organization working to help existing businesses learn and grow. The Henderson Chamber has a membership of 70 businesses from Henderson and the surrounding area and 195 individuals working at those businesses. Thanks to the financial contributions of these members, the Henderson Chamber is able to create community events, work on economic development efforts that benefit the area, and support the current business community. Joining the Henderson Chamber of Commerce is an investment in the future of Henderson as their goal is to create community improvement through business promotion.



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